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Sainted Hearts Studios provides you with Tracking/Editing/Mixing/Mastering as well as Beat Production designs for your song, podcast, audio commercial, video game or even your entertainment company rendering you with an in house full package deal which saves time as well as be cost efficient in the process. At Sainted Hearts Studios, we welcome each and every artist from any Genre to come join us in a thought provoking creative experience which will push you towards the forefront of your artistic genius. With our diverse networking portfolio, we also hold a rolodex of credentials related to music promotions, event promoters as well as club and venue connections. We shall accomplish your music vision through the expansive sound design experience that our engineers provide you with leaving you ecstatic and elated for what you have just created as well as towards our future sessions.

While recording and editing through Pro Tools and curating sounds through Ableton, your sounds are being delivered through the best softwares possible with top plugins such as Antares Auto Tune, Pro- Q filters and up to date Reverbs, Delays and Wideners . With our professional Photography Studio using our attached to our business, your head shots and your promo photos are only one click away through our Sony mirrorless lenses .

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  • Recording

    Our recording method incorporates setting up microphones channels aligned with the right pre-amp settings ensuring the best sound quality possible

  • Editing

    Comping through the recorded tracks, the correction/deletion of unwanted sounds is what our editing process entails

  • Mixing

    Utilizing the best EQ, compressor, de-esser, reverb, delay tactics while starting it all off with gain staging, we produce an effective sound that is the best fit for your vision

  • Mastering

    This final stage in audio production is the process of putting the finishing touches on a song by enhancing the overall sound, creating consistency if working on an album and preparing the sound for distribution

  • Beat Production

    We at Sainted Hearts Studios pride ourselves on the ability to create compositions from any genre that your ears adhere to. By utilizing the beat making software called Ableton, the wildest sounds of your imagination can be made to reality



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